CMG Plays – Bit.Trip Runner2 (Demo)


Anna, aka CaffeineMediaGirl, plays through the demo of Bit.Trip. Runner2 and tells you if you should purchase the full game or not. See the video on her page here.

Windows 8 Preview


People asked why I liked Windows 8.  Here you go. IMPORTANT NOTE РI had not installed Origin yet on this computer, the shortcut on the desktop is from a previous install.

VIDEO: Kinect vs Marriage

Our Thoughts on the MS & Sony Pressers


Break, Eric, and Q all sound off on the Microsoft and Sony press conferences. Was the MS presser really as bad as people think it was? What highlights of the Sony presser made even a hater…

Eaaarrrly in the Morning at the Microsoft Presser


Injustice: Gods Among Us Looks Amazing


Are you seeing this drop-dead gorgeous trailer for the new NetherRealm-developed DC fighting game? Why aren’t all announcement trailers done like this? We get gorgeous pre-rendered stuff to set the mood, and then a smooth transition…

Far Cry 3: Great Trailer, But I Don’t Care

This is a seriously great trailer for “Far Cry 3,” and I suggest you watch it just to have the experience, but it doesn’t alter my shrugging indifference to the game overall. Ubisoft air-balled big time…

Metro: Last Light Short Film

Screen shot 2012-05-24 at 11.08.50 AM

Oh Herro Diablo III TV Spot


A new TV spot for “Diablo III” hit the airwaves this Sunday during “Family Guy.” I enjoyed it, but at the same time, I think it’s only real purpose is to tell you when the game…

Episode Two: Gears of War Versus Marriage

Screen shot 2012-04-25 at 12.53.46 AM

When she says “now,” she means “when the Boss Wave is over.”

Prototype 2: Pack Leader Video


I wasn’t really a huge fan of “Prototype,” but it’s one of those games I could see benefitting from a more refined, precise sequel, so I’ve kept my eyes on the development of “Prototype 2.” Here’s…

VIDEO: Mass Effect 3 Vs. Marriage

Screen shot 2012-03-27 at 6.05.46 AM

The consequences of “Mass Effect 3″ addiction run deep into real-life in this new video skit from the crew at Padinga.

OMFG (Dr. Noh Wishes He Was At Blizzcon)

A trailer for Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm! Check out the new units! Holy shit this is great! *UPDATE Here are some pics that have been circulating online that show off the new units! So,…

Dr. Noh’s PAX Adventures: Q & A

This is important! You MUST watch this!

Metro: Last Light Extended Gameplay Demo

Dear Reader, I told you I was going to give some love to “Metro: Last Light,” and I meant it. This was only reinforced by me checking out the original recently, and being very impressed. So…

Dr. Noh gets Remixed

This old video I made for becomes… very intriguing. I feel honored to be remixed.

Metro: Last Light Gameplay Video

  Dear Reader, I’ve mentioned before that I admired THQ’s taking the fall for “Metro 2033″ not selling well, and insisting that they would push forward with a sequel on principle alone. My curiosity was peaked…

The Interview

This is a teaser or proof of concept of my upcoming project, “The Gamer.” ¬†This was a way to get my feet wet and practice for the big show.

Dr. Noh’s E3 Adventures: The End

Goodbye E3 2011…

Dr. Noh’s E3 Adventures: Penis


BreakmanX (tries) to play StarCraft

Dr. Noh’s E3 Adventures: Crime

  Crime pays…for the creators of Skyrim.

Dr. Noh’s E3 Adventures: Double Whammy


Dr. Noh’s E3 Adventures: Food


Dr. Noh’s E3 Adventures: Double Feature!


Dr. Noh’s E3 Adventures: SARS

Dr. Noh’s E3 Adventures: Important Questions

Dr. Noh’s E3 Adventures: Alone

  As seen on 4colorrebellion & Kotaku!

Dr. Noh’s E3 Adventures: Rush Hour

Padinga Crew at Sony Conference

Padinga Crew at Sony Press Conference