The Game Show 1106 – Xbox One

Xbox One

The Xbox One reveal has happened.. What do we think?

The Game Show 1105 – Huge Tracts of Tanlined Land


With special special guest Brandon Whetstone! We discuss the worth and value of Bioshock Infinite, Dragon’s Crown’s aesthetic design choices, the foolishness of Always-On Consoles & not filtering yourself on Twitter, and why EA is NOT…

The Game Show 1104 – We’re Old


We talk about Cliffy B and his (lame) opinions. What else is there to discuss?

The Game Show 1103 – Q vs Sony


Break and Q discuss the Ps4 unveiling. Q is not overly impressed, while Break sees a “heaping pile of potential.”

The Game Show 1102 – Call of Q-ty


We discuss the exciting news surrounding the launch of the new consoles, Q defends the Kinect and proves he knows nothing about LittleBigPlanet, and Break declares his hatred for “waggle” controls. Won’t you join us on this wild ride into the world of video games?

The Game Show 1101 – Game Collecting with CMG


YouTuber CaffeineMediaGirl, aka Anna, joins us on this long awaited return episode of The Game Show! We discuss Anna’s amazing collection, seriously go check it out on YouTube, as well as some of her favorite games…

The Game Show 1025 – WiiU Here Soon!

Wii U Boobies

Boy I think about it every night and day I’m addicted, wanna jump inside your touchscreen controller I wouldn’t wanna have your launch lineup any other way I’m addicted and I just can’t get enough Yeah,…

The Game Show 1024 – Pandas… Really?

Kiss Pandas

Yes, pandas. The Game Show crew returns, pissing on convention as usual. We discuss the upcoming WoW expansion, the impending arrival of the Wii U announcement and its likely release date, indie bundles, and terrible PC…

The Game Show 1023 – Windows 8 and The Return From the Dead


Yeah, it’s about like that. We’re back from the dead! But never we were really dead. We were just… resting our eyes, yeah, that’s it. Hey, I like your new haircut. Mind if I gnaw on…

The Game Show 1022 – The Great Q Debacle

MC Pee Pants

It’s a little known fact that technology hates Q. LOATHES him. Their adversarial relationship has reached a level where technology will intentionally vex him by letting him speak when he’s saying inconsequential things, but whenever he’s…

The Game Show 1021 – Q is Hot and Angry

hot and angry

It’s F$&@!ing hot in the Heartland of America. Or at least it was, when this podcast was recorded. As a result, Q is even crankier than usual. Hey, you would be too if you lived in…

The Game Show 1020 – The LFL is a Thing


So, the LFL. The Lingerie Football League. That is actually a thing. That exists. Eeyup. Oh and they’re making a game of it. Break, Q, and Eric also manage to talk about other things, like the…

The Game Show 1019 – The Final E3 Wrap-Up


Break talks, Eric squawks, and Q grumps about not only our final E3 impressions, but also about the Wii U in general, the Xbox 720 plan leak, Okami HD, SWTOR going free to play, and Korea’s…

Retro City Rampage – Guest Leonard J. Paul


Leonard J. Paul from Retro City Rampage, and many other games. Our rundown of the big three at E3 and favorite games of E3. Beyond, WiiU, and Dishonored. Download Mp3 Download in iTunes

The Game Show 1017 – The One Before E3


Break proclaims his love for Diablo 3, Q thinks that the 360 might be banned AND that it will affect the election, E3, Bungie Game Details, Call of Duty Usurped… not really. Download Mp3 Download in…

The Game Show 1016 – Keep Your Creams Straight


Our special guest in this episode of The Game Show is Madelk of, who joins us to discuss further E3 predictions and rumors, Activision’s legal woes and general debauchery, and the plight of 38 Studios…

The Game Show 1015 – E3 Predictions 2012 (No Apocalypses)


In this episode of The Game Show, our intrepid trio discusses not only the Diablo III launch, but also have a right go at E3, giving their predictions, desires, and pipe dreams. (No, Break, we are…

The Game Show 1014 – Indiana Break and the Temple of Q


In this episode of The Game Show, Break journeys to the Temple of Q (house, really) to discuss the latest game happenings. Eric perseveres and contributes from half a country away, hoping for the best. The…

The Game Show 1013 – Takedown’s Christian Allen


In this episode of The Game Show, we interview Kickstarter success story Christian Allen, who is founding new studio Serellan in order to make Takedown, a.k.a. “Crowdsourced Hardcore Tactical Shooter”. Tune in to hear not only…

The Game Show 1012 – In Which Q Complains


Hold onto your seats for this wild and wacky adventure in video game land. Q, our resident Diablo fan, is unhappy with Diablo 3, Break slowly falls in love with Fez and hates EA’s “Online Universes”,…

The Game Show 1011 – Jordan Weisman!

The Legend

In this episode, we sit down for a heart-to-heart with Shadowrun and Shadowrun Returns creator Jordan Weisman! We talk about the impact of Kickstarter on the industry, the features and gameplay of the upcoming strategy game…

The Game Show 1010 – Is EA Evil?


In this episode, our heroes discuss the true nature of THE BEAST that is EA. We also discuss truly evil things like privacy invasion, mass firings, and nudity censorship at gaming conventions geared towards families. Despicable….

The Game Show 1009 – Battlelogged Debate

Get it? BattleLOG?

In this episode, our heroes discuss the latest news, and extol the virtues and problems of Battlefield 3′s Battlelog. Maybe ‘extol’ isn’t the right word… Something more along the lines of ‘slobberknocker brawl’ would be more appropriate.

The Game Show 1008 – Kick the Baby


This week’s show discusses Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect 3, and Mass Effect 3! What can we say? It’s a huge topic right now! Also news from giantbomb and the wonderful commentary of HB Duran within! Don’t miss it.

The Game Show 1006 – With Great Power Comes Great Mike Vaughn


Break, Dr. Noh and Q interview Spider-Man and FFXIII-2 voice actor Mike Vaughn! We get all kinds of answers about voice acting in the video game industry, and give a few sneak peeks into the upcoming…

The Game Show 1005 – There’s No Justice, There’s Just Us


Break, Dr. Noh and Q have an epic three-way… of discussion regarding the Vita and The Last Story! What’s not to like?! Download the MP3 iTunes Link Coming Soon TwitchTV Video

The Game Show 1004 – Special Guest Lindsey Stirling


The Game Show 1004 – Special Guest Lindsey Stirling! Lindsey Stirling, the Epic Zelda Violin Girl!, joins us to discuss her music, her inspirations, and also reveals some exclusive news! Don’t miss it! Download the MP3…

The Game Show 1003 – Guest Host: Chad Concelmo


The Game Show 1003 – Guest Host Chad Concelmo from Watch live video from Padinga on TwitchTV (Video will load after a short wait. Audio issues resolve.) Chad Concelmo drops by and gives his views…

The Game Show – Episode 1002: HB Duran from!


The Game Show – Episode 1002: HB Duran from! The crew sits down for a nice chat with HB Duran from and also discuss some of the week’s topics in gaming. Download MP3 Version…

The Game Show – 1001: Stemage Guest Hosts


The Game Show – January 18th, 2012: Stemage Guest Hosts Stemage of Metroid Metal fame join us to discuss his current projects as well as give his insight to the latest gaming news. Download the Show:…