My Five Best and Worst Things at E3 2013


Well, E3 is over, and now the time comes to sit back and assess all that has transpired. Coming at you now are my five favorite/least favorite things from E3 2013. Of course please remember that…

E3 Video Diary – Day Two


Anna checks in after day two at E3Expo 2013. Today consisted more of standing in lines to play games, but I managed to play every game I wanted to at the Nintendo booth, as well as…

E3 2013: Ryse Is Not Impressive, Thief Is Meh


Hello Dear Reader, There’s so much to talk about, I apologize that I haven’t written sooner. Over the past two days, I was shown private demos of two games (among others) for which I had very…

E3 Video Diary – Day One


Watch Anna’s first video dairy of E3 to hear her impressions on her first experience going to the convention and all the games she played.  

Anna/CMG @ E3 Expo This Year


This will be my first attendance at the highly anticipated E3 Expo 2013. I have a lot on my list, probably too ambitious for a first-timer, but I’m sure I’ll learn what works and what doesn’t…

Hotline Miami Review

hotline miami

When I fired up Hotline Miami (PC) for a late night stream, I only knew to expect excellent music, for my ears were graced with two tracks at a local game shop early that day. My…

The Game Show 1106 – Xbox One

Xbox One

The Xbox One reveal has happened.. What do we think?

The Game Show 1105 – Huge Tracts of Tanlined Land


With special special guest Brandon Whetstone! We discuss the worth and value of Bioshock Infinite, Dragon’s Crown’s aesthetic design choices, the foolishness of Always-On Consoles & not filtering yourself on Twitter, and why EA is NOT…

Journey Collector’s Edition Review


I am late to the Journey party, I know, but that hasn’t detracted from my experience. I picked up the Journey Collector’s Edition so I would have Thatgamecompany’s complete works on one disc, and I was…

Lego City Undercover Review


In general I am a big fan of the Lego games; I nearly own them all and I always look forward to how they will improve their next title. With the Wii U starving for new…

Tomb Raider Review


I recently completed Tomb Raider (XBOX 360), and I couldn’t have enjoyed my experience more. I have played a couple Tomb Raider games in the past on the PlayStation One and Dreamcast, but I was late…

CMG Plays – Bit.Trip Runner2 (Demo)


Anna, aka CaffeineMediaGirl, plays through the demo of Bit.Trip. Runner2 and tells you if you should purchase the full game or not. See the video on her page here.

Year of the Lego (Games)


I have always been a fan of the Lego games, even if it did take a few games to revise the co-op for playability without killing the person next to you. At the end of last…

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure


Some may yell “blasphemy!” when I tell them Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure (Xbox 360) is the first Spyro game I have ever played, but not all of us can keep up on gaming cred with a market…

The Game Show 1104 – We’re Old


We talk about Cliffy B and his (lame) opinions. What else is there to discuss?

Style Savvy: Trendsetters


There is a niche title gracing the shelves of all types of gamers, and that is none other than Style Savvy: Trendsetters (SST) for the Nintendo 3DS. I was skeptical of picking this title up because…

The Game Show 1103 – Q vs Sony


Break and Q discuss the Ps4 unveiling. Q is not overly impressed, while Break sees a “heaping pile of potential.”

The Game Show 1102 – Call of Q-ty


We discuss the exciting news surrounding the launch of the new consoles, Q defends the Kinect and proves he knows nothing about LittleBigPlanet, and Break declares his hatred for “waggle” controls. Won’t you join us on this wild ride into the world of video games?

The Game Show 1101 – Game Collecting with CMG


YouTuber CaffeineMediaGirl, aka Anna, joins us on this long awaited return episode of The Game Show! We discuss Anna’s amazing collection, seriously go check it out on YouTube, as well as some of her favorite games…

New Game Show Scheduled


Just confirmed our first recording for February 6th, so you should be seeing the episode a day or so after that.  Proud to announce that our first episode  back will feature guest host, Caffeine Media Girl. …



Hello everyone!  It feels great to be typing in this space again after too long of a vacation.  There’s a lot going on with me right now, personally, and that  lead to the screeching halt this…

Holy Crap Halo 4 Is Getting Great Reviews


I know I said I wasn’t buying “Halo 4.” Well congratulations, Dear Reader, you get to shove it in my face once again because I’m totally buying it. At first I held strong; sure that IGN review…

SmartGlass (aka FartGas) Arrives Friday

This week marks the launch of Windows 8, on October 26, and with it comes the deployment of Xbox SmartGlass into the fray. Running on Windows phones and tablets, later-generation iOS devices, and Android smartphones, it’ll…

Shut Up And Buy XCOM: Enemy Unknown


It’s been a good year for the thinking man’s action game: first “Ghost Recon: Future Soldier” defies my pessimistic initial assessments and becomes the benchmark for tactical action/stealth. And now Firaxis comes roaring through the gate with…

All-State Mumbo Jumbo Melee Brawl Demo is Live

For subscribers to PlayStation Plus, the Public Beta for Playstation All-Star Battle Royale is now live, with plans to go live for non-subscribers on October 23. Access will continue to be available until October 30. There’s…

Dishonored Kinda Disappoints


“Dishonored” is in no way a bad game, but that isn’t quite the same as being a game I like. I admire Bethesda for trying out a brand new IP, and I admire them even more…

The Halftime of a Lifetime

OK OK OK, stop right there. Do NOT click away. Yes, this is a video of a marching band. Trust me. Stick with me. Click play.You will not regret it. This video astounds me in multiple…

Painkiller Hell and Damnation Coming October 31st


There’s always a place in my heart for “Painkiller,” “Serious Sam’s” slightly evolved older brother in the shooting gallery FPS world. So it’s with great pleasure that I just got word a remake of the original…

The Game Show 1025 – WiiU Here Soon!

Wii U Boobies

Boy I think about it every night and day I’m addicted, wanna jump inside your touchscreen controller I wouldn’t wanna have your launch lineup any other way I’m addicted and I just can’t get enough Yeah,…

Resident Evil 6 Polarizes Critics


Sup gamers, So, it’s come to this. No, we’re not lamenting the fact that we’re writing about Resident Evil reviews rather than posting one ourselves, but rather we’re melancholy over the latest installment in the once-beloved…