Anna/CMG @ E3 Expo This Year


This will be my first attendance at the highly anticipated E3 Expo 2013. I have a lot on my list, probably too ambitious for a first-timer, but I’m sure I’ll learn what works and what doesn’t as I go…it’s all about experience, and experience is the only teacher. If you are curious about my “agenda”, here is what I have in mind:

1. Report what it is like to attend E3.

2. Record an evening vlog of that day’s experience and upload to YouTube via iPhone.

3. Check out my highly anticipated indie games.

4. Check out next gen console and games (if present).

5. See what Nintendo has up their sleeve at their booth.

6. Absorb as much as possible to regurgitate later.

It may not seem like an ambitious list, but the L.A. Convention Center is HUGE, there are a ton of exhibitors, and it’s only three days, 9am-6pm (if the day is fully attended). I have tried to “plan” as much as possible with room for spontaneity. You can only do your best to plan for an unknown event, and sometimes you have to let the event unfold unto you and perhaps, change your approach. I have all of this in mind, and I look forward to the experience.

I will be heavily posting on my Twitter account (which is sync’d to Facebook), as well as nightly videos going to YouTube. I have opted not to bring my laptop, as I will not have the time or energy to solely edit and upload a video. All footage grabbed via video camera will be pumped out on Friday, so an organic video (unedited iPhone footage) blog seemed like a cool idea to share with everyone who is eager to learn what E3 is like through a non-major player.

Join me on Twitter (@Caffeine_Girl) for the latest updates….my plane leaves on Sunday morning!