Borderlands 2 Season Pass Incoming


I’ve never really objected to the idea of DLC, as a concept. Publishers have a way of making my $60 investment last longer or more personalized, even if I have to pay a little more for it? Yeah, ok, sure. Day one DLC rankles my ire a bit, but I don’t even really object to on-disc DLC; I have no common-sense-overriding principles dictating that if something is in my possession at any given moment, I must therefore own it, and I understand that, from a programming and cost standpoint, releasing DLC that takes huge amounts of space is not really an option. I would rather enable those companies to release huge DLC content, enriching the game by soaring leaps and bounds instead of small chunks, than conjure up some kind of insult or offense based on a loosely-defined and non-universal dictate of entitlement.

Despite all of this, I have never purchased any ‘season passes’ for any games. It’s just never felt like a necessity; I’ll buy the DLC when I need it, and I rarely need all of it, so I’m not really saving any money by purchasing it all at once.

Then Gearbox announced a Season Pass for Borderlands 2, granting access to 4 pieces of DLC (which will otherwise cost $10 a piece) for $30. This doesn’t even include the Mechromancer class, which will be given free to all pre-orders. None of this DLC will be released before October 16, so don’t worry about Day-One DLC woes. Each one will be on the scale of the General Knoxx DLC for Borderlands 1, and will be self-contained jaunts available to all levels.

Yeah, Gearbox. Shut up and take my money. I’ve never bought a Season Pass until now, but if there’s ever a game worth breaking convention over, it’s yours.