Skyrim: Hearthfire Lets You Adopt, Own Homes


Sup gamers,

Just announced for the Xbox 360/PC and sometime for the PS3 we suspect, is the latest DLC for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, entitled Hearthfire. Hitting the digital-sphere (Xbox Live) September 4 for 400 MS Points, you won’t get any new quests or missions like Dawnguard, but perhaps you’ll have a richer experience. Read on for more.

That’s not to say we didn’t like Dawnguard… per se. It was fun to blast the Dawnguard around with our new vampire powers, but the overall experience was a bit of a slog. There was little challenge and boredom set in after a while. Hearthfire is a completely different beast. Check out this trailer.

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Skyrim: The Sims or Skyrim: Sorta Minecraft. In all honesty, we’re excited because we’ve been decorating our cleaned-out manors with severed walrus heads for the past few months. But now we can build our own home to show off our riches! We’ll happily shell out the five bucks for this DLC. Home building is a video game staple (and has been for years). Doing it in Skyrim sounds pretty awesome to us. And I’ve always wanted to adopt a human child as an Argonian.