COD: Black Ops II’s Multiplayer is Future-y


Sup gamers,

Fresh from Treyarch and Activision’s conveyor belt comes the new Multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which is the ninth game in COD’s main franchise. You would think we’d have franchise fatigue even mentioning the words “call” and “duty” in close proximity, but this new trailer is a bit… well, exciting. But more important, Black Ops II looks different. Take a look.

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What jumps out first is the HUD. Finally, someone made some damn tweaks to how the game actually looks. It’s not hugely different, but any little minute detail that is different at this point is monumental in how we’ve come to think of this massive franchise. EMP grenades? Drones? Bizarre-ass shields? Pilotable mechs? That magnum sound’s a bit weak and WTF…you can equip knives now? And a dude shoutcasting?

We don’t know about you, but we’re psyched to have someone commentate on our disastrous matches. Black Ops II hits this November. The next Call of Duty hits next November. And so on, until you die.