EXTRA EXTRA: More Final Fantasy XIII Coming…Probably


Sup gamers,

A while back I posted an article that wondered out loud “Who Cares About Final Fantasy Anymore?”. This was back in early February. The game sells new for about $20, a telling point for a game that doesn’t sell as well as Square Enix hoped it would. And with Final Fantasy XIV 2.0′s release on the horizon, Square Enix hopes to ring in Final Fantasy’s 25th anniversary event in Shibuya with an announcement that might not be the one true fans are hoping for.

In a recent article by 1up’s Jeremy Parish, he laments the (at the time) apparent death of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. If you remember, several weeks ago there was news that Square Enix had silently dumped Versus XIII, a project announced in 2006 as apart of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series that was supposed to tie together several games in the FFXIII universe (which probably explains why we haven’t seen a proper Kingdom Hearts 3 this generation). Only several days later, Square Enix’s CEO Yoichi Wada confirmed on his Twitter account that the project was still alive. That’s great, we guess. Could Versus XIII be shown in greater detail at the upcoming 25th anniversary event?

Want more of this?

Probably not considering September 1st will host the “Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga: New Developments Presentation”. It’s expected that FFXIII-3 will be shown to the public, rounding out the FFXIII saga the entire world is frothing at the mouth to complete. We could be cynical, but we could also refer you back to Parish’s article discussing how timely and costly developing XIII was for Square Enix. If you had all those assets, wouldn’t you churn out another game to make some cash back?

Of course, I could totally be wrong, but are you really hoping for a XIII-3 and are you really excited about XIV 2.0? Wouldn’t a downloadable 16-bit FFXV save money, recoup costs and be a huge hit? Or does Square Enix not give a shit since Dragon Quest X and Tomb Raider are right around the corner?

If Versus XIII comes out in the next year, I’ll eat my hat.