Best Buy Will Take Your Money Also


In case you think only Steam is capable of ruining your financial solvency this summer, let me assure you that isn’t the case. Best Buy is also starting their own summer sale, which really should be called, “Look How Cheap ‘Assassin’s Creed’ is, And Also Can We Please Give Away Some Copies of ‘Metroid: Other M’?” When coupled with Gamestop’s alleged “Beat the Heat” stratagem and Steam’s continuing onslaught on the economy, you’ve pretty much got your pick of the litter for game purchasing right now.

Which is odd, because there’s…nothing good out. Is it just me or are we in a dry spell like crazy here? I wish it was September already. I still don’t think “Halo 4″ or “Borderlands 2″ are shaping up to be much, but I just want them to release so I can covet them, linger in the store, buy them, get sick of them, and get rid of them—you know, the sacred ritual.

Anyway, go rush out and buy those games you put off until now at pretty much any store ever. Throw a stone and you’ll hit a sale.



  • Dustin Hall

    Why would I want Metroid: Other M. I guess if they are literally GIVING it away…