The Game Show 1022 – The Great Q Debacle

MC Pee Pants

It’s a little known fact that technology hates Q. LOATHES him. Their adversarial relationship has reached a level where technology will intentionally vex him by letting him speak when he’s saying inconsequential things, but whenever he’s trying to make a point… BOOM. Cut the connection. It’s like technological trolling. A techtrololo, if you will.

Regardless, we press on and manage to discuss MC Chris kicking people out of his shows, Michael Pachter and his tendency towards Nintendo doomsaying, the somewhat unexpected success of the Ouya (OH YEAH!), Trent Reznor’s work on the Blops 2 theme, and pre-orders of the Battlefield 4 beta.

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  • BreakmanX

    I’m still surprised at how much Reznor loves COD.