The Game Show Recording TONIGHT


I’m proud to announce my return to the living AND the fact that we will be recording an episode of The Game Show tonight.  Remember that we don’t broadcast the recording live anymore, so don’t show up here tonight at 7.  Or do, and read Shane’s fabulous post again, I don’t know, its your evening do what you like.  But, know that at 7:00PM Pacific we will be talking about video games and that I should be able to upload it tonight for a late Wednesday or early Thursday download.

I’ve had several people emailing me, and even our beloved Storm Eagle asked on Twitter, so I thought it beneficial to announce officially that there will be another one.  Excited to be back!

I’ve also had several people, over the entire life of Padinga, email me asking the history of the site since our post and podcast archive goes back to 2002.  Well, that question should be answered in the fairly near future.  I’m writing a history of the site so those that care can read, those that don’t I’m sure will leave many nice comments in their wake.

Get your engines a burnin’ because Q’s getting angry already.  The fuel of the game industry is filling his hump of hate to the point where it must explode for fear of his head becoming a tea kettle with gasoline inside.  Eric is preparing “logic” to combat the pure emotional freight train that will be hurling towards us tonight.  I’m sure everyone is glad that he is there to keep us in check. 

  • Philip Rezendes

    Hey guys can’t wait to hear the Game Show. I do have a Few Question’s for you guys. What is your guys thoughts on The New Deadpool Game and Any updates on when the Rerelease on FF7 on when it comes out Plus what did there Change about the game.
    P.S Break get well soon.

  • BreakmanX

    Hey thanks man!  Sorry I didn’t read this before the show, I’d love to talk about the deadpool game, and you know FF7 is my baby daddy.