Breaking News: There Is No God


It’s a matter of logic: no creator or benevolent deity could allow this kind of shit to go down.

That’s right, someone is making a My Little Pony fighting game.

The scary thing is, it looks like it’s actually made with the intent of being an actual full-fledged fighting game. The official webpage is rife with fighting game terminology, like OTG, hitstun, wallbounce, and untechable. A quick (and viewed through sunglasses so as to not damage the naked eye) perusal of demo gameplay footage reveals a combo-heavy game reminiscent of MvC or Skullgirls. Despite what you may feel about MLP in its current state of popularity, these guys (maybe gals? this is My Little Pony after all) are obviously putting together a labor of love not only for MLP, but for fighting games in general. They just happen to be expressing it in pastel-colored form.

MLP: Fighting is Magic was demoed at EVO 2012, and so far there has been no Cease & Desist from Hasbro, with none likely on the way, given Hasbro’s rather genius move of embracing the creative works of its fanbase. It will, of course, be free, with an initial stable of fighters (no pun intended) and more added as free DLC along the way. As a fighting game fan, I don’t know where I stand on this, but I’ll likely be checking it out at SOME point. Just to see what it’s like. Purely from a fighting game point of view. Purely.

If you find yourself brave or foolish enough, feel free to check out this footage from the EVO demo build. You have been warned.

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