Where is this Week’s Game Show?


Hey guys, sorry that there hasn’t been a show uploaded this week.  I got super sick this week with multiple infections and am on hardcore antibiotics.  I feel like total turd, but my recovery should be complete in the next couple days.

Q, Eric, and I will record ourselves discussing games and clawing at each other’s throats THIS week.  You should see an mp3 file on this space Wednesdayish.  Until then, here’s an old picture of Q (during his hatred of Xbox period) being forced to play Halo.  Ahh, the Breakdom of my freshman year in college.

And typing this has drained all the energy I gathered sleeping all day.  Back to bed with me, and stay well to all of you.

Q with a mullet, hating Halo the only way he knew how. Sexual violence.