Steam Begins Summer Sale, Wallets Weep

Steam Logo

Yesterday, Valve announced the start of the annual Steam Summer Sale. However, this year features a few new twists to their standard formula. Gone are the achievement based collections that appeared in the recent Winter sale, as well as last year’s Summer Sale. These little (meta? mini?) games have been replaced with a new option: community voting and flash sales.

The flash sales are different than the standard 24-hour sale prices you see on Steam. Now the amount of time is shorter, but the discounts appear larger. So far, there’s been nothing major in the flash sale; rather, it is being used on cheaper titles, so it doesn’t seem like you’ll have to monitor it non-stop.

The community voting is similar, but now the community votes for a period of time on one of the bigger titles to be placed on sale. So far Saint’s Row The Third and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (That’s an absurd title, by the way) have made appearances.

What will you be picking up?