EVO 2012: All Hail Our New Korean Overlords


This year is the year of the Korean Dragon, at least when it comes to EVO. The biggest fighting game tournament in the world kicked off this weekend, culminating in a series of victories for the Koreans. Here are the victors of each event, sorted by country:


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Version 2012 – Infiltration
Street Fighter x Tekken – Infiltration & Laugh
King of Fighters XIII – Mad KOF


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Filipino Champ
Mortal Kombat – Perfect Legend


Soul Calibur V – Shining Decopon
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown – Fuudo

Traditionally, the strategy gamespace has been the dominant battlefield for South Korea, so this year’s results were a bit of a shock to more than one person at EVO. I, for one, welcome our new Korean overlords and wish upon them much happy feelings, black-leather-clad dancers, and gourmet instant coffee.

Also, check out IGN’s Youtube page for a crapton of finals videos.