E3: One Piece: Pirate Warriors To Have Multiple Languages


One Piece: Kaizoku Musou was well-received in Japan, so much so that it was recently announced for a US release as One Piece: Pirate Warriors. Of course, many “hardcore” anime fans prefer to have the option of a Japanese language track, and it was widely feared that a US release of Pirate Warriors would eschew its original language.

Fear no more.

Having witnessed and played One Piece: Pirate Warriors on the E3 show floor, I can confirm that Yes, Virignia, There is a Japanese Audio Track. Pirate Warriors will contain both English and Japanese language tracks, with the option for English subtitles.

I imported this from Japan, but with this announcement, I can also confirm that I personally will be re-purchasing it!

  • Neiryu

    The copy coming to the US, the digital one, is the one you played on the floor? I know it will be dubbed in Japanese, which is a G-d send, but I am just pondering if you are certain it is with English subs. I just have a fear of somehow 4Kids coming in at the last second and killing One Piece in every way. Perfect example, Sanji didn’t smoke cigarettes, he was a fiend for lollipops.