Yeah So Prototype 2 Is Awesome


I didn’t really like the original “Prototype,” it was better in theory than reality, but “Prototype 2″ kicks all kind of tail. I am very impressed. It’s not the prettiest or most polished game in the world, but the combat has taken a huge step forward, and it finally feels like the experience they’re advertising on the box. My memory’s a little foggy on the original “Prototype,” but I’m pretty sure the ability to dodge is new to this one, and man does it make a big difference. Ditto for the streamlined melee system that cleverly assigns quick attacks to a tap of the X button, and power strikes to holding X. Once you get ahold of the claws, all bets are off, and you’re taking all comers.

The story is still garbage, but what do you expect? Why are corporations in video games always unleashing viruses on civilian populations in order to “test” them? What data are they gathering from this exactly? Did they not know that a giant, evil claw monster unleashed in a city park will result in an abundance of dead people? I could’ve told you that, and spared you the trouble of committing war crimes.


we were so wrong


  • MechaFM

    I can’t buy it because it doesn’t have a 90 or higher on metacritic.

  • eaze2009

    Story Garbage? NO
    Uninspired or nothing unique? YES
    interesting and well told? HELL YES

    i thought the cutscenes and story was good…