Around the Web: Portal, Max Payne, WoW, and Mickey Mouse!


Around mid-April, rumors start to engulf the game industry as it marches towards E3.  Unfortunately, this translates to a bit of a drought in the months before, resulting in what we scientifically call “a slow news week”.  It isn’t all bad, however!  Here’s some stories circulating the web that you may have missed!

NCEA’s Portal Gun replica, which is limited to 5000 pieces, has been rolling out pre-orders across various online retailers.  While most are sold out, you can keep an eye on their website as they add more.  Best of luck to anyone trying to snag one of these beauties.

Do you like Grand Theft Auto?  Are you going to buy Max Payne 3?  Rockstar has announced that any crew (think squad, clan, or what have you) made in Max Payne 3 will automatically transfer to Grand Theft Auto V on release. More details here.

The beta for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria has started.  Keep an eye on your inbox for an invite!  Erika and I are both Annual Pass holders, meaning we’ll be in the beta soon.  Look for our impressions!

Finally, Disney has released the announcement trailer for Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.  Being a huge fan of Mickey Mouse, I’m probably the only person in the world excited about this.


  • Andrew Allen

    That clan thing is wicked cool, but I wonder if it’s an attempt to legitimize Max Payne’s MP. 

  • JonnyTeam

    sale todo de wow y luego nos ablan de mickey.